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Why Chaf?

  • Developer Friendly

    Chaf provides all the features that game developers need to publish games in a developer-friendly way. It only takes 10 mins of developer’s time to add your games to the Chaf platform.
  • Revenue Share

    Chaf provides a subscription revenue-share model with the goal of continuous and sustainable settlement rather than short-term sales. Please check more details for an R/S logic to better understand.
  • DRM

    Chaf provides a game DRM service to prevent piracy.
  • Settlement

    Chaf provides a fast and transparent settlement system for game providers.
  • Multiplatform

    Chaf’s goal is the expansion of the desktop indie game market. Chaf starts with a desktop client, but we aim to provide multi-platform services through cloud gaming solutions.
  • Marketing-support

    Unlike a platform that does not conduct external marketing, Chaf will use more than 50% of its profits for external marketing, and marketing content will be conducted by Chaf’s games

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